Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Dismantling of the American Economy

Yeah, I've been gone awhile (my life has been turned upside down the last few months with taking care of a newborn a couple of days a week while balancing a freelance work schedule), but I'm gonna try to get back into blogging shape, bit by bit, in time for the primary push starting in January.

For a taste treat (or, really, a foul tasting trick), here's a quick summary pulled together by AmericaBlog's Chris in Paris of Bush and the GOP's greatest hits in destroying our economy since they took over:
- Largest decline in housing prices since 1991.
- Crumbling US dollar, weakest showing against leading five currencies since early 1970s. This includes 37 year low against Canadian dollar. Against the UK pound, it's over $2 to buy only one.
- Skyrocketing and "out of control" oil prices, record highs at the pump.
- Billions of US taxpayer dollars lost, missing, and who knows what from Iraq. Costs for war to drag out for decades.
- Record high budget deficit, compounded by GOP spending boondoggles.
And we just thought they'd only be destroying the environment back in 2001. How wrong we were.


At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How on the money you are....

(1) The "pres" will go on TV tommorrow night and try to say all is well....meanwhile, we are already in a recession and nobody is willing to say it....stagnant incomes, ridiculous oil costs, high costs on everything....people are hurting....
(2) I can't believe "the experts" act "stunned" about record sagging home sales....people are lucky the housing boom lasted this long, as prices are beyond what people can afford....I think they will be more stunned that in the next 5 years, there will be harder choices...either cut home costs by 20 - 50%, or they sit the millions........I bought a house 2 years ago....if I went to buy that same house today, I could not possibly afford it, as we have seen nearly a 20% increase in the prices. Many, many properties are sitting empty due to these high prices.
(3) The Iraq situation is a joke...I bet Haliburton gets their money.....interesting that they didn't have to compete for their "exclusive" contracts....Bush has received a blank check for this travesty, and meanwhile we have people hungry here.....


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