Thursday, July 26, 2007

America's Tokyo Rose

The Fox News Channel gets a lot of nicknames from the lefty blogosphere (Faux News, FOX Nutwork), but Kagro X over at Daily Kos offers up perhaps the most delicious naming metaphor yet for the Republican party's national cable propaganda channel: America's Tokyo Rose. He and Crooks and Liars recently posted one of ATR's "little mistakes," in which they labeled a Republican who was going against the grain of the party (in this case, Arlen Specter grilling Alberto "Gonzo" Gonzales) as a Democrat.

But it gets better, as Kagro X notes that Brit Hume introduced a story on how poor Gonzo was called "untrustworthy and a liar by Senate Democrats." Turns out, though, it was that darn Democrat wannabe Specter who was making that insinuation.


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