Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tunes of 2006: Jenny Lewis and Neko Case

One of the (many) gifts that Mrs. F has given to me is a deeper appreciation of country music -- not the glossy dreck that's currently produced out of Nashville but rather its deep, twangy and gospel-ly roots (which I used to dismissively call "chuckwagon music"). We listen to a lot of Johnny Cash (a Mrs. F fave), I've rediscovered Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and more, and I've opened my years (a bit later than others, perhaps) to the No Depression/alt-country wing of roots music. This past year, Jenny Lewis' Rabbit Fur Coat and Neko Case's oddly titled Fox Confessor Brings the Flood have been in regular rotation around Cracks Centraal:

(Yepp, that's Sarah Silverman in the intro to this Hee Haw-inspired clip)

Speaking of Johnny Cash, if you're looking for a fun kids records, check out the straight-forwardly titled Johnny Cash Children's Album, which was re-released in 2006. It's a hoot, and I have a feeling that Lil' F (coming in March) will enjoy it in the years to come.

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