Sunday, December 24, 2006


What with Old Fogey heading out of town and me returning to Seattle after dealing with my grandmother's funeral (and getting back to a pile of work and preparations for general holiday madness), Cracks is going to take a holiday hiatus. We'll get back to things on a more regular basis as we get closer to the New Year. I have a feeling we'll still be focused on the Iraq Clusterf**k and 2008 Presidential horserace in 2007, but I'm also going to make a return to zooming in on the issue of climate change. (I'm in the midst of freaking myself out with George Monbiot's book, Heat, purchased from Amazon UK, and I'll be preparing some posts based on that for the new year.)

So happy holidays to you and yours (and I mean that to revelers of all year-end holidays, not just Christian -- take that, O'Reilly!). And an especially Happy Festivus to all!!!!


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