Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tunes of 2006: Jose Gonzalez

I'm not shy about my fandom for acoustic troubadour Jose Gonzalez, and a quick search of the blog shows that I've got 26 posts that mention him (including his mesmerizing balls video/Sony ad). If you're scratching your head wondering who I'm talking about, here's a bio from the All Music Guide, an interview with NPR, and his official site.

Though he didn't put out a new album this year, he did collaborate on a couple of tunes from Zero 7's latest (including "Futures") and released an EP with a surprising and aching rendition of a Kylie Minogue song. Here's his stab:

Which sounds nothing (thankfully) like the original:

Here's hoping for a new long-player from Jose in 2007.

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