Friday, October 27, 2006

Old Fogey's Quotes for Saturday

"I didn't see anything wrong in helping Jack."
David H. Safavian, a former top Bush administration official sentenced to 18 months in prison for lying and concealing unethical dealings with lobbyist Jack Abramoff
Ex-Aide Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison
[I guess that wouldn't occur to a member of an administration that operates like the good ole boy network to reward those most like themselves]

"I'm convinced that this is the most significant waste, fraud and abuse in the history of this country."
Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee, referring to Halliburton abuses, recently cited by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction
Report: Halliburton Unit Exploited Rules
[See quote above. I'm sure Cheney has many buddies at his former company. Those guys at Halliburton must be delighted that Cheney nominated himself to be vice-president. Profits have soared--just like they have in the oil industry.]

"We don't talk about techniques; that would include waterboarding. He does neither -- he neither confirms nor denies its use, neither supports nor shows a lack of support for it."
White House press secretary Tony Snow, referring to Cheney's comments about "a dunk in the water," which many interpreted as supporting waterboarding
White House Defends 'a Dunk in the Water'
[Wow! Now I understand everything. Boy, is this administration forthcoming about questions raised by the American people.]

"If it works, it will be the greatest shell game in political history. The only problem with it is, while it might win another election, what will happen when the bloody killing in Iraq continues despite the milestones?"
Andrew Greeley in Chicago Sun-Times op-ed, referring to Bush's effort to deny "staying the course"
Andrew Greeley
[If it works, how can so many people be in complete denial? I guess the are just following their leader in his addiction to his delusions. It's time for an intervention in November.]

"Rewarding hard work with a fair wage is not just an abstract pocketbook economic issue but a statement of values. While the left usually talks in dry economic terms, the right made a concerted effort to copyright values -- meaning a set of divisive, scapegoating issues. The popularity of the minimum-wage initiatives is a testament to how powerfully progressive values speak to Americans."
Kristina Wilfore, executive director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, which promotes using ballot strategy for liberal causes
This Time, Ballot Issues Could Rally Liberal Base: Wage Initiatives Seen As Favoring Democrats [Damn right it is a value issue! Most major religions have some form of the 'golden rule' to treat others as you would like to be treated. I don't know about you, but I would hate to work 40 hours or more and still not be able to send my child to the dentist or find housing I could afford]

"The real story of the 2006 contributions is what happens in the early phase of 2007, with a change in party control. There will be proverbial meet-and-greets all over town so we will have a sense of who these people are.”
Bernadette A. Budde, senior vice president of the Business-Industry Political Action Committee
Democrats Get Late Donations From Business
[Many companies would prefer the Republicans to stay in power, but they are now facing the reality of the consequences of possible Democratic victory. Some, however, have begun to realize that Republican fiscal irresponsibility is bad for the economy in the long run]


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