Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You may have noticed that we've added to our offering here at Cracks (if not, check the right nav column). I experimented with one view yesterday that automatically pulled together the most popular tags in the set, but I've decided to do a more manual listing going forward here on the site, which should be helpful for finding posts about a particular subject. Note that I've got a tag devoted to Old Fogey, so her fans can find her posts more easily. (I'm also hoping to add a lil' something to the posts so it's more obvious who wrote what.)

It's still early days on this project and the tagging is mostly limited to posts from the last 10 days. But I'm planning on rounding out some of the indexing to older posts, and I'll continue playing around with the lineup highlighted here at Cracks as subjects wax and wane. I may also add some other tagging/social networking functionality. Does anyone have any suggestions of sites that they like/use (i.e., Fark, Digg, Reddit, etc.)?

Speaking of Delicious, it's time for me to re-up my subscription...


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