Sunday, October 15, 2006

More Quotes from Old Fogey

After returning from church, I found a few more notable quotes. I'm also making up for future lost time. My husband and I are going on a church trip for seniors, so I'll be away from my computer Tuesday through Thursday. I hope someone will miss me.

"He'll be out in four months."
Susan Ralston, former West Wing staffer, in an email to Jack Abramoff, referring to Allen Stayman, a State Department staffer, whose work advocating labor changes in Northern Mariana Islands angered Abramoff's client
Displease a Lobbyist, Get Fired
[I really shouldn't be surprised by the depths and heights of corruption in the White House, but firing state department staffers for doing their jobs in return for contributions seems a new low. But I guess as long as you don't replace your travel arrangers, you're just fine]

"There has been a huge surge in interest in ethical fashion. There definitely seems to be an appetite from consumers - the clothes are well made, look good, and they can ease their conscience a bit."
Julia Hawkins, of the London-based Ethical Trading Initiative
Hey, nice clothes. But are they ethical?
[There are indicators that public opinion is turning away from greed to ethical responsibility. Just imagine if we had someone who would use the 'bully pulpit' to preach sacrifice, tolerance, and justice.]

"Climate change represents an ever- increasing risk, a risk far too great to ignore."
Clement Booth, a member of the Board of Management at Allianz AG, one of the world's largest insurance firms
New combatant against global warming: insurance industry
[When Bush's big contributors, such as the insurance industry, begin to see ecological responsibility as profitable, maybe the Polluter-in-Chief will come to his senses]

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a foreign policy issue like the war dominate a suburban Congressional race."
G. Terry Madonna, the director of the Keystone Poll at Franklin & Marshall College, referring to a Pennsylvania congressional race
In Pennsylvania, Questions About War Erode a Traditional Republican Advantage
[It's about time for the American public to begin to realize that what happens in the rest of the world is important. This world is too interdependent for all politics to be local]


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Agen said...

Mrs. F and I will certainly miss you and your quotes -- we look forward to them every day.

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll miss you LM! I'm over here in Carrboro catching up on my reading...

Margaret F.


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