Friday, October 13, 2006

Old Fogey's Quotes for Friday

"I believe that Bush has destroyed that whole thing."
State Sen. Kemp Hannon, a Long Island Republican, referring to the coalition of Reagan Democrats
'The Empire State Strikes Back'
[Would it were the only thing Bush has destroyed]

"Lasting peace cannot be achieved unless large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty. "
Ole Danbolt Mjoes, director of the Nobel committee, referring to the work of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, whose system of micro-credit loans reshaped development efforts in poor nations.
Bangladeshi Economist, Grameen Bank Win Nobel Peace Prize
[I wonder what would happen if a sizable chunk of defense spending went to alleviating world poverty. Perhaps we would indeed be safer]

". . . .I have got an army to look after, which is going to be successful in current operations -- but I want an army in five years time and ten years time. Don't let's break it on this one. Let's keep an eye on time."
British top military commander, Richard Dannatt
British Army Commander Defends Call for Iraq Withdrawal
[There was an article in our paper about how military recruiters are having a hard time, even here in North Carolina, probably one of the most pro-military states in the nation. Will we have an army in five years time?]

"I know this sounds [like] just saying it over and over again, but it's -- rhetoric and actions are all aimed at convincing others . . ."
King George the Unaccepting, referring to his calling North Korea's actions 'unacceptable'
'Unacceptable' Confounds Bush
[It must be very frustrating to someone used to always having his way to accept that the world really isn't his oyster. Perhaps someone should send him a copy of the Serenity Prayer]


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