Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Man

Got to listen to Vice President Al Gore today down at Starbucks Headquarters in the packed assembly area on one of the top floors (with a large, magnificent glass ceiling). As always, he was very inspiring and he was effortlessly able to tie in the environmental strengths of Starbucks as a company into his schpiel. And even after seeing the movie twice, it didn't feel old. It didn't feel like the robotic repetition that we constantly hear from Dear Leader and his Republican minions. It felt like more like a conversation, even though it was one-way (if that's possible), because Gore never seems patronizing or above it all. He's there to genuinely make connections and help you to understand a very complicated issue that's aching deep within him to get out, and he uses very inclusive language to make sure everyone feels welcome.

I didn't stand in line to get a book signed (I kinda have a policy against that, but I nearly broke it today), but I'm very grateful that El Jeffe decided to stick around and get a book for me.


Speaking of El Jeffe, here we are:

El Jeffe and Evil Ags

Thanks Jeff -- you are the man!

[PS] Jeff has a couple of better photos.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger kat said...

I love Al to death, but he's got to start putting the fork down. Or start running again. The man is looking a little, um, large these days.


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