Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The New "Read My Lips"

Will "Stay The Course" be the phrasal folly for George W that "Read My Lips" was for George H.W.? Obviously, the stakes aren't as high as a presidential election. But despite Robert Novak's protestations of this being "one of the least important elections that (he's) seen," my view is that this mid-term will deal some heavy ramifications in how business is conducted (i.e., more oversight, more realism) that is essential to the health of our nation -- if the Democrats can take the House. (Feeling somewhat optimistic about that, less so about the Senate; more on that in a post later today.)

This week's focus on walking back from the repeated use of the phrase "Stay The Course" has only opened the door for journalists to practice their basic reporting skills (as in this WaPo piece that really puts the lie to the revised reality that BushCo LLC has been selling -- though someone forgot to tell Rumsfeld to hold the correct course) as well as some good political ads, such as this one from the DNC (hat tip to Talking Points Memo)

Gotta agree with Josh that the combination of Darth Vader-esque music and overbearing titles might be a little much, but they don't minimize the effectiveness of the ad.

[PS] Be sure to check the corallary post on MoDo's column above.


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