Saturday, September 24, 2005

Where Are All the Gates?
Not all scandals are equal

As new scandals are exposed everyday, I can't help but wonder if Repubs really believe that Clinton should have been impeached for lying about an affair while nothing Bushies do warrant independent ivestigations. Thank goodness the CIA decided to fight back, or the Plame leak would never have been pursued. While whistleblowers are punished on a regular basis for refusing to be partisans, do any right-wingers see the irony of making replacing travel agents into a "gate." I get really sick of hearing about bush-bashing from the same people who brought us the "Vincent Foster murder." Most of the anti-Bush sentiment is based upon his policies rather than his personality. After all, the 91% approval ratings of Bush after 9/11 hardly indicate an inborn hatred. I would love for some Republicans to tell me exactly what Clinton policies justified the right-wing venom.

The Frist sale of stock from his blind trust is just the latest sleaze to be exposed. What exactly was so terrible about the Clinton actions in the Whitewater real estate deal, when compared to all the ethical challenges of Republican leadership?

Best quote on Frist:

"Bill Frist has this all upside down," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), chairman of the House Democrats' campaign committee. "He thought Terri Schiavo could see and his trust was blind."


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