Thursday, September 22, 2005

Being Republican Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

You know your president is blissfully arrogant when the words, "I take responsibility," make the newpaper headlines. Not only has Bush never made a mistake--none of his cronies have either. On the other hand, a while back I wondered how many people had been demoted or fired for telling the truth. Yesterday Doonesbury addressed the issue and made me laugh out loud (before I realized how sad it really was).

In the strip Bush is confronting a reporter in one of his rare press conferences.

Reporter: "Sir, Republicans always claim that accountability is one of their bedrock values, so why is it that no matter how disastrous their performance, no one in this administration is ever held accountable?"

Bush: "That's not true! I fired or demoted at least ten bureaucrats."

Reporter: "But they were all whistleblowers."

Bush: "What did they expect, medals?"


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