Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday Bamboo Blogging

Mrs. F and I have been working madly and sweatily the last two days to install several bamboo plants in our backyard. The first step is to dig a trench, which I actually began last weekend. It ended up being about 2 feet deep and 18 feet long. That's a lot of digging. We were helped in the end with a new tool purchase from Home Despot--a pick--which eased getting through the immensely hardened clay quite nicely. The whole reason for the trench is to install a 40-mil plastic root barrier, so that the bamboo runners don't overwhelm the rest of the yard or invade our neighbour's. After setting the barrier in place, we had to refill the trench--which was definitely the easiest part. Now we've got two types of bamboo in the back--a clumping koy and a running black (which will grow to over 20 feet).

bamboo-digging.JPG      bamboo-trench.JPG

bamboo-filling.JPG      bamboo-watering.JPG


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