Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wellspring of Black Support for Our Beleagued President
Or maybe not

On the CNN website I learned that black anger at the president has been grossly exaggerated:

"Frances Rice, chair of the National Black Republican Association says, "The NBRA applauds President Bush for his leadership, compassion and bold initiatives to help the people and rebuild New Orleans. It is shameful how the Democrats are using a natural disaster and the sufferings of African Americans to inflame racial divisiveness and further their partisan political agenda of keeping blacks poor, angry and voting for Democrats."

Then came the next paragraph:

"Ms. Rice's organization, the NBRA, was started about a month ago - and had reached a membership of approximately 15 individuals before the Hurricane struck. After disputes over whether or not to endorse Judge John Roberts, and then later, to endorse President Bush in the wake of the hurricane, the organization lost nearly half of its members, including three Executive Committee members."

I'm sure FOX will clarify the membership numbers when giving the quote.


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