Monday, December 24, 2007

Cutting the Carbon for Christmas

Yes, rather than buying a Wii or other plastic imported goodies, you can give the gift of experiences and such to friends and family. But the New Economics Foundation has another suggestion in their The Carbon Cost of Christmas: and How to Beat It paper (downloadable in PDF format):
Don’t like Brussels sprouts? Don’t eat them – and here’s the ethical excuse. Part of the Brassica family, Brussel Sprouts as the name suggests are thought to have come to the UK from their native Belgium in the sixteenth century. Unfortunately, the Sprout is high in what nutritionists call 'fermentable substrates' much loved by methane generating bacteria and leading to flatus, or flatulence. Not only is this anti-social, but methane as a greenhouse gas is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. [Editors note: We have nothing against Brussel Sprouts per se and happily acknowledge to the Sprout Marketing Board that they are both seasonal and can form part of a healthy diet.]


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