Friday, January 12, 2007

Old Fogey's Quotes on Bush and Iraq

Two more years?!

'Well, I'm bleary-eyed from searching, but I haven't found anyone who thinks that George W. Bush delivered a great speech Wednesday night."
Howard Kurtz in WaPo
Media Notes: Falling Flat
[We shouldn't be too hard on King George the Verbally Challenged. After all, it is easier to deliver a credible speech when you have a modicum of truth from which to work ."

“Then I picked the wrong general.”
King George the General Shuffler
A 2-Month Debate on Iraq, Capped by ‘the Big Push’
[What happens when the commander-in-chief runs out of generals who agree with him?]

"I doubt it will end well. But I do hope that the courage and civility of the American soldiers who fought there will not be forgotten both here and in Iraq."
An unidentified army officer who wrote to Rep. Chet Edwards
Wisdom From Down the Chain of Command
[As we agonize over the war over here, let's not forget who are making the real sacrifices. I wonder if King George the Weekend Warrior enjoyed playing with toy soldiers as a child. He seems to forget these soldiers are real people with lives outside of Bagdad.]

The speech reflects a profound misunderstanding of our era. America is acting like a colonial power in Iraq. But the age of colonialism is over. Waging a colonial war in the post-colonial age is self-defeating. That is the fatal flaw of Bush's policy."
Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, is the author of the forthcoming book "Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American
Five Flaws in the President's Plan
[I wish he could convince King George the Conqueror of this reality. Machismo and unlimited power is a very dangerous combination]


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