Monday, January 08, 2007

Old Fogey's Quotes for Tuesday

"I think we've got to tell the president what he's doing as wrong. We've got to start bringing our folks home."
Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada
Democrats May Deny Funds for Iraq Surge
[With King George the Stubborn, it might take a two-by-four to get him to listen. Not granting funds is a start, but the Deceiver can find other ways to get money. Remember Iran-Contra? Without scruples, presidents can bend the constitution like a pretzel. Most, fortunately, choose not to go that far. With the current SC especially anything is possible. How scary is that?]

"This is the one they didn't want you to see."
Melanie Sloan, director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.
Campaign Photo Shows Bush With Abramoff
[King George the Duplicitous will say anything until there is absolute proof it is a lie. Then he denies he ever said it, until there is undeniable proof that is a lie. Then he blames it all on the press.]

"It's not negotiation -- it's interference."
U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Acting Administrator Leslie Norwalk, referring to the Democratic proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prides
Medicare chief rejects negotiation
[How can Bushies decry government interference in profit-making for strong lobbies with a straight face? After all, they are ready for the government to interfere with our mail and phone conversations.]

The reality is that we’ve already tried surges. There was one of 20,000 troops in early 2004, a similar one in the fall of 2005, and one a bit smaller in the summer of 2006.
Nicholas D. Kristof in NYTimes Select editorial (available only to subscribers)
An Escalation of American Blood
[King George the Relentless doesn't care how many more lives are lost as long as he not at the helm when the inevitable defeat occurs. Unless King George the Incredibly Stupid actually believes this war is winnable. Our king has SO many faces.]


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