Friday, January 05, 2007

Old Fogey's Quotes for Friday

"Did I miss an announcement for the Great Republican Whine-Off or something? "
Firedoglake's Christy Hardin Smith, as quoted in Wapo Media Notes
Pelosi Power
[It will be interesting to see how the Repub's will respond to having the shoe on the other foot. Ditto with the Dems. Let's hope they can both learn from the GOP's mistakes. A repeat of Republican malfeasance by the Democrats would greatly alienate the public from their own government. Just look at Iraq.]

"The Democrats face the essential political decision as they take their seats: Do they want to make people happy by postponing tough decisions or do they want to get serious about restoring fiscal sanity? Are they the party of good times or good governance?"
David Ignatius in Wapo editorial
Good Times or Good Governance
[Before the election, I did a great deal of Bush-bashing. I still can't resist such an easy target, but I'm going to try focusing on the new promise of the Democratic majorities. The party has the opportunity to try the novel idea of doing what's best for the country, rather than the party. I have a feeling such an approach would not only be moral but also a political winner. Of course the party has to play some politics to stay in power. Yet it would be wonderful if Dems remembered why it matters to be in power.]

"The administration is playing games about warrants. If they are not claiming new powers, then why did they need to issue a signing statement?"
Kate Martin, director of the Center for National Security Studies in Washington, referring to the Bush claim of authority to open US mail without warrants
Bush Warned on Mail-Opening 'Signing Statement'
[Despite my new focus as indicated above, due diligence requires continuing attention to continued challenges to the constitution by King George the Constitution Confounder.]

"And one of the main features of the legislation was an effort to bring private-sector fragmentation and inefficiency to one of America’s most important public programs."
Paul Krugman in NYTimes Select editorial, referring to the Medicare drug plan
First, Do Less Harm
[I thought at the time the law passed that only ideology and/or bribery could have induced anyone to ignore an efficient system (Medicare) already in place to administer the new drug program. Failure to do so has created confusion and chaos. Why do we worship the private sector as the source of all wisdom? Granted there are some things better handled on a profit basis; however, there are also services that can only be administered fairly and efficiently by government. Government is neither a panacea nor a demon.]


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