Sunday, January 14, 2007

Keeping Up with Our Friends of the Facade

Our man in NYC, Ward Sutton, gets himself into the NYTimes Book Review section today with an illustration for a review of two Bill O'Reilly books -- BO's recent screed, Culture Warrior, and an unauthorized biography by Marvin Kitman, The Man Who Would Not Shut Up (if you really feel the need to punish yourself for some reason, the NYTimes provides the first chapter from Culture Warrior).

And don't forget to check out Wardo's latest strip in the Village Voice, which celebrates Gitmo's fifth birthday (click the image below to see the larger version at the Voice).

Sutton Impact @ Village Voice

Frequent commenter Kat has a great post up over at her blog that sums up the how Seattleites react to snow and includes a classic bit from Blackadder Goes Forth that neatly sums up Dear Leader's recent escalation plans.

What hath a visit to the Republican wastelands of California wrought for El Jeffe (aka, Jeff Carlson)...?

And finally, Riani, one of my fave folks over at Amazon (and proprietor of the Anak Raja blog), is leaving the building and heading off for a year of global travel. Semoga berjaya! I'll look forward to keeping up with your travels.
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