Sunday, January 14, 2007

Geek Out!

My inner geek was unleashed with all the tech news flowing through my RSS reader this last week, but I think Mrs. F has had quite enough. I'll be returning to normal service this week here at the blog (luckily, Old Fogey has been doing well at keeping things focused on our usual themes of Republican hypocrisy, the Iraq war, overcoming poverty, and the like -- be sure to check out her post on Martin Luther Kings speech on the Vietnam War, which she's turned into a commentary on the Iraq war).

But before I temper my inner geekiness, here are a couple of videos from CES and Macworld, the first a video projector shaped like R2-D2:

And secondly, a closer look at the iPhone via CBS News:

: : : : : : : : : :

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At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Apple and am addicted to my video iPod, but not sure I'll ever get to the point where I can throw down $500 for a phone, no matter how advanced. The fact that they've deliberately kept the harddrive space so limited annoys me--as if they know I'd need to keep a 60-80 gig iPod as well.


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