Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bring on the Night

The concert night, that is. From British music magazine, Q:
The Police are finalising plans for a tour to celebrate their 30-th anniversary, according to reports in the Daily Mirror. The band, who sold millions in the late '70s and early '80s with hits like Roxanne, Walking On The Moon and Don't Stand So Close To Me, split acrimoniously in 1986, making their last live appearance on the Amnesty Conspiracy Of Hope tour.

Since then, Sting, guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland have only publicly reunited for their induction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame in 2003. An official announcement is expected within the month, with tour dates expected to take place in May and June.

One of my biggest concert regrets is not going to see The Police on their Ghost in the Machine tour (with the Go-Go's opening) back when I was in 9th grade. (My grandparents, with whom I was living at the time, thought I was too young to go to a big-time rock concert; they finally relented the next summer when I got to see Queen and Billy Squier). I've also sworn off arena-sized concerts over the last few years, but I'd make an exception for an evening with Sting, Andy, and Stewart.

[Addendum] I should have added this video when I originally posted this:

Gotta like Stewart Copeland's short shorts.
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At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I basically have the same story, perhaps a year later from yours. I wanted to see The Police on their Synchronicity tour, but like you, my folks thought I was too young for a rock concert. They said I could see them on their next tour. I was pissed when they split up in '84(The Police, not my folks).

I swore off stadium shows years ago also. 24 years later, I'm thinkin' I'm too old for this...but I'd shell out a few sheckles to see these older geezers. Definitely.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A reunited Police tour is something that I'd pay for--even see in an Arena. And actually, the shows that I've seen at Key Arena (including Paul McCartney, The Who, U2, Coldplay, REM & Weezer) have all been pretty damn good, big crowd or not. Somehow I've always managed to get pretty decent, head-on seats and not paid a ridiculous amount of money.

So if the Police come to town and I've got to shell out, oh, $80 or so, I'd have to throw down for it.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Agen said...

I'm there with you, Kat, just like the U2 concert in Vancouver (my last arena show, which freaked me out a little bit... but I'm ready to test the waters again).

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the true test of a good arena show is if the band really knows how to use the space well. I first saw U2 up in Vancouver (I think that was 2001 or so?) and honestly, the experience thrilled me. (Hadn't seen them live before, despite several opportunities.) Anyway, that whole circular platform thing they had going on, along with Bono out in front working the crowd...dunno...I just loved it. So much that I knew I HAD to see them again when they came to Seattle.

But yeah, the Police. Don't Stand So Close To Me (at Key Arena).


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