Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Old Fogey's Quotes for Tuesday

"I am a man fighting for a just cause; the fight between Christianity and spiritualism on the one hand, and Marxism and materialism on the other. I get my strength from God."
Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the former ruthless dictator of Chile
Pinochet: A Divisive Force to the End
[Substitute terrorism for Marxism and this sounds frighteningly close to the stance of King George the Omnipotent. I thank God that the American people came to their senses enough to reign in his ambitions to some extent.]

"The breakdown of regular order this cycle, indeed the failure to get our bills done, should be fairly placed at the feet of the departing Senate majority leader."
Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.), the outgoing House Appropriations Committee chairman
Democrats Freeze Earmarks for Now
[It looks like the rats are fleeing the sinking ship! It also appears the new Democratic leadership is willing to boldly tackle one of the biggest problems with the budgeting process. Let's hope that their temporary moratorium on earmarks is followed by a new look at the entire system. The public did not vote for more of the same.]

"It's easy to see why New Hampshire Democrats were in a frenzy over Obama. He is a winning presence in a room. He is stylish in his uniform of white shirt, no tie and dark blazer. He carries himself with the weightless self-possession men's magazines achieve only by employing a team of stylists and wardrobe artists."
John Dickerson of Slate
John Dickerson
[The media has already begun to posit that Obama's appeal is mainly packaging. I was at the conference where he gave his speech on religion and politics. Believe me there is also intelligence and sincerity. The reason for his "weightless self-possession" is that he knows who he is and is comfortable with both his talents and shortcomings. In other words, he does not feel the need to prove himself by playing macho-man. What a refreshing change that would be.]

"Maybe he outsources suffering. Maybe he leaves it to his father."
Peggy Noonan, who worked for Bush 41, referring to King George the What-Me-Worry
Barack Obama: The Media's New Rock Star
[Here is a man so out of touch with his limitations that he is truly delusional, not only about his own actions but also about the state of the messes he has made. See comments above.]


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