Friday, November 03, 2006

Old Fogey's Quotes for Friday on Bush Desperation and Sex

"During the last two elections, the fumes of Air Force One worked like political magic dust for the candidates lucky enough to score visits from Mr. Bush.

Candidates flew to Washington just to be seen arriving back home on his 747. Local newspapers doubled as welcome mats, and television reporters and radio hosts excitedly echoed his verbal jabs at Democrats long after he had left."
Jim Rutenberg in NYTimes
This Election, Modest Tour for President
[Now it appears his arrival in heavily Republican towns sometimes ends up on page 2, under the fold of local papers. I often make up royal names for Bush. These days it is fast becoming King George the Irrevalent--one of his safest titles for the American people. It's bad when you would prefer no president to the current one. How could the empty office do much more harm?]

"This is one more factor that could increase the disillusionment of evangelicals with prominent leaders on the Christian right and with the political process as a whole, and some may conclude that perhaps their forebears were wise to be wary about politics."
William Martin, a professor of religion and public policy at Rice University and a biographer of the Rev. Billy Graham
Church Leader Admits Buying Drug and Getting Massage From Gay Escort
[It seems to me people who are inordinately preoccupied with what other people are doing in their bedrooms probably have some kind of problem themselves. Perhaps we could offer free counseling; it would be cheaper than the costs of propositions and constitutional amendments]

Now, in what may be the ultimate show of Karl Rovian chutzpah, Bush is righteously attacking Democrats for not having a plan to clean up the mess he himself made.
Dan Froomkin in WaPo
Who Has No Plan?
[It reminds me of a little who gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and still insists he is innocent. Actually, a lot of what Bush does reminds me of a little child]

Sorry this is short and late, but it's not easy being retired. I do believe I stay busier than when I was working.


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