Wednesday, November 01, 2006

House and Senate Outlook (6 Days Out...)

congressionalcountdown-061101.jpgJust a quick update as I've been hunkered down all day and am about to leave for the evening. Looks like Chris Cillizza and company have moved one House seat from the Leans Republican to Toss Up over at the WaPo's Congressional Countdown:
In the 1st District, which includes much of Cincinnati and surrounding Hamilton County, Republican Rep. Steve Chabot faces a stiff challenge from Democrat John Cranely, a member of the Cincinnati City Council. Last Sunday, Cranely won he endorsement of the Cincinnati Enquirer, which said, "Chabot has served with honor, but his effectiveness seems to have peaked. It is time for him to come home."

Ohio continues to be a disaster zone for the Republicans this fall. Our list of 35 races includes three from Ohio. In addition to the 1st District, we put Ohio’s 15th District in the tossup category and Ohio’s 18th District in the "Leans Democrat" column.
And from this NYTimes poll, the landscape for the Dems is still looking good (no matter what's going on with the whole Kerry falderal):
A substantial majority of Americans expect Democrats to reduce or end American military involvement in Iraq if they win control of Congress next Tuesday, and say Republicans would maintain or increase troop levels to try to win the war if they hold on to power on Capitol Hill, according to the final New York Times/CBS News poll before the midterm election.

The poll found that just 29 percent of Americans approve of the way President Bush is managing the war in Iraq, matching the lowest mark of his presidency. Nearly 70 percent of Americans said Mr. Bush did not have a plan to end the war, and an overwhelming 80 percent said Mr. Bush’s latest effort to rally public support for the conflict amounted to a change in language but not policy.


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