Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'll Always Remember My First Time

Berthold the Bio BulletFilling up on biodiesel, that is. Yepp, Mrs. F and I finally got a diesel VW Golf a couple weekends back, via the Green Car Company (located in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland). We contracted with their Auto Finder service to make the search a bit easier on ourselves, and it proved to be a winner. (That said, the folks at the Green Car Co could be a bit better about returning calls and emails.) We requested a 4-door, manual Golf with a sunroof (a Mrs. F requirement) that wasn't white or silver. Well, Mrs. F relented on the silver (as long as it wasn't white!), and we got our new car: Berti (aka, Berthold the Bio Bullet).

Anyhoo, today we were getting below a half tank and decided to check out our nearest distributor of biodiesel, Seaport Biofuels down in the industrial section of Seattle about 3.5 miles of winding trail from Cracks Centraal. And we got it from a real pump (not a creaky, self-pumped barrel) for the price of $3.09 a gallon (compared to about $2.55 at regular gas stations we passed).

As a side note, this is the first "adult" car I've ever owned. Previously, I puttered around in a 1991 Honda Civic, which I dubbed Gunter Grass cos it was like driving a little tin drum. But the Golf can actually accelerate going up hills, it's quiet inside the car, and it's got power steering (another requirement for Mrs. F -- luckily just about any newer car we would have gotten would have had it). I never knew how much I could love a car. I always thought a car was just a tool for transportation. But I'm loving Berti! I'm loving not filling up with Middle Eastern oil. And I'm looking forward to placing even more self-righteous biodiesel bumperstickers on the back (we've got one from the Green Car Co -- Biodiesel: No War Required -- as well as an Obama '08 sticker).

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