Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Updates to this Morning's News Roundup

First, good news from the BBC on yesterday's audacious kidnapping in Baghdad:
Most of the hostages seized in a raid by gunmen on a Baghdad higher education facility have been released, Iraqi officials have said. A government spokesman told the BBC that the hostages were freed in a number of police raids across the city.

Five top officers were later held - including the police chief of Karrada district where the abductions occurred. It had earlier been reported all of the hostages had been released. Police say they are trying to free more people.
Second, Foreign Policy's Passport blog notes that Clinton officials were finally interviewed by the Iraq Study Group:
Yesterday, after it had released its official list of meetings, the Iraq Study Group did finally seek the opinions of Bill Clinton, Warren Christopher, Richard Holbrooke, and other foreign-policy hands whom I criticized them for ignoring. The group included Madeleine Albright, who apparently phoned in for five minutes or so from Minneapolis where she was giving a no doubt high-dollar speech. (No worries Madame Secretary, there are only thousands of lives at stake.) Yet, glaring omissions remain. Why, for instance, would the group not meet with Bush 41, a former president who not only ran the CIA but also won a war in the Middle East?
If you missed the roundup, it's just a couple posts below...


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