Thursday, October 12, 2006

Old Fogey's Quotes for Thursday

"What is most important, however, is that this matter is kept discreet. We do not want the opponents to think that we are trying to buy the taxpayer movement."
Jack Abramoff, referring to bribes given five conservative nonprofit organizations, including one run by prominent Republican Grover Norquist
Senate Report: Five Nonprofit Groups Sold Clout to Abramoff
[I don't believe for one moment that conservatives or the Religious Right are stupid, but they must be brainwashed if the revelations of the past weeks don't spark feelings of fury for their betrayal by their so-called friends]

"It's widely argued now that the existence of the camp is as much a radicalizing and discrediting influence as it is a safeguard for security."
British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, referring to the detainee camp at Gitmo
Red Cross Meets Guantanamo Detainees
[US detainee policies are not only stupid from the international relations angle but also violations of international law and the US constitution. Isn't it great to have to watch our constitution being shredded for policies that don't work?

"All these people (the other prisoners) and all those Afghans still in Cuba, they are innocent. All were arrested because of false reports, and the Americans, without investigating, they arrested innocent people and put them in jail for a long time."
Sayed Mohammead Ali Shah, a doctor from the eastern province of Paktia recently released from Gitmo after incarceration for four years
Afghan Detainees Released
[The clowns running our government can't even competently execute their flawed and illegal policies. They arrested the wrong man and stripped him of all legal rights]

"We’ll have a Republican speaker and a Republican leader of the Senate, and the reason I say that is because I believe the two biggest issues in this campaign are, one, the economy and the economy is growing.”
King George the Delusional
President Sees Signs Favoring G.O.P. Victory
[This is the clearest indicator to date of a Democratic victory. The Dems can prepare their 'Mission Accomplished' banner but should learn from others mistakes and not unfurl it until after the all the votes are counted]


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