Thursday, October 12, 2006

Republicans' 'October Surprise'

Can you smell the aroma of desperation?

First, the Republican machine is firing at Harry Reid for, get this, not disclosing setting up a partnership in a land deal. Reid Land Deal Under Scrutiny However, all the transactions of the partnership were disclosed by Reid. If were really some kind of illegal dodge, I don't believe Reid would be so stupid as to disclose the very details that such a 'dodge' were meant to hide. Some scandal!

On a second front the Repubs have dredged up a three-year-old incident that has already been litigated. Sandy Berger, Clinton's national security adviser, admitted that he deliberately took classified documents out of the National Archives in 2003 and was fined $50,000. Republicans Call for Inquiry in Documents Case Strange that they should suddenly decide this needed further investigation three weeks before the mid-term election.

Come on guys, is this the best that you can do?


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