Thursday, October 20, 2005

Simmer Down
Rove-a-Palooza/Take a Letter from Libby/Miller's Crossing/Big Time!

The NYTimes has some info on what's coming down in the next week (nothing likely happening until probably late next week, so chill...), and TalkLeft sumarizes and comments:
  • Fitzgerald has advised both Libby and Rove they are in serious legal jeopardy. He will decide whether to charge next week.
  • Fitzgerald is considering charges of Perjury, Obstruction of Justice and Making a False Statement to Federal Officials. He seems less focused on charges over the leak. It's the cover-up, not the crime.
  • Fitzgerald knows who Novak's source is, and it's not someone who works at the White House.
  • Additional persons could be charged.
There may be others in the government who could be charged for violations of the disclosure law or of other statutes, like the espionage act, which makes it a crime to transmit classified information to people not authorized to receive it.

Reading between the lines from a legal standpoint, here's how I interpret this, and remember, it's just speculation: Fitzgerald is done. All that's left are the pre-indictment plea deals. He's previously made deals with John Hannah and David Wurmser. Now he's offered them to Rove and Libby. As I've said before, it's their "come to Jesus moment." I suspect both will accept the best deals their lawyers can negotiate. Rove will fall on his sword to protect Bush, and Libby will fall on his to protect Cheney.


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