Thursday, October 20, 2005

Detail Oriented, Part 2
Harriet the Judge

It's getting worse for Harriet Miers. First it was revealed that she missed a dues payment to the DC bar, briefly suspending her ability to practice law in DC. Then Senators Arlen Specter and Patrick Leahy sent her questionaire back to the White House, deeming her responses on it ranging "from incomplete to insulting." Now there this, thanks to Think Progress:

Miers was also suspended from the Texas bar for late payment of dues in 1989. She sent a letter to Pat Leahy today revealing her suspension and blaming it on an “administrative error.”
It’s not a good development for a nominee whose supporters have been trumpeting her as extremely conscientious –

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

[Gonzales] said Miers will do well because she is ‘very detail oriented’ and ‘very meticulous.’

Assistant Secretary of State Kristen Silverberg:

She’s very meticulous…It’s always about making sure that everything is perfect…


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