Friday, October 28, 2005

Schedule Your Coffee Breaks Appropriately
Fitzmas Follies

Here's the schedule according to the AP:
  • 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific/6am Hawaii - Papers released (check the official site)
  • 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific/8am Hawaii - Fitzgerald news conference
Hotline adds:
ABC's George Stephanopoulos reports that if a member of the White House staff is indicted, President Bush will speak on it this afternoon.
Looks like all the chatter is pointing to a Libby indictment with Rove escaping the pink slip today, but still under legal jeapordy (with Fitz continuing the investigation?).

[Updated: 9:35am Pacific]
No documents quite yet, but it's looking like things are playing out according to what was making the rounds last night: Libby's indicted (potentially on 4 counts of lying to a grand jury). Also, Think Progress has details on discussion from MSNBC with Washington Post reporter Jim VanDeHei:
We have more detail on what’s happening with Karl Rove. We know that something happened in the last couple of days that Rove’s legal team was able to provide to Fitzgerald, that according to one Rove associate, “gave Fitzgerald pause” about charging Rove. They think that within the next couple of weeks, not months, that the Rove part of this investigation will be wrapped up, and that it is still centered on whether he provided false statements. It’s not clear what exactly transpired. There has been this flurry of conversations between Rove and his team and Fitzgerald over the last week, with Rove trying to convince him, like, “Look, I may have forgotten some things but I did not lie.”


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