Thursday, October 27, 2005

Run Away
Beat the Retreat

This tidbit reported by the Boston Globe most likely didn't sit well with the torturous (in more ways than one) BushCo administration:

The influential chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee warned Supreme Court nominee Harriet E. Miers yesterday to expect extensive questions on the Bush administration's terrorist detention policies, opening a new front in a nomination that has been controversial from the start and exposing an area in which President Bush's policies have been particular subjects of debate.

Committee chairman Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, released a three-page letter to Miers saying that he will ask her about limits on the president's power to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely, without trial, at US installations.
In his letter, Specter said he also wants to know where Miers would draw the line at recusing herself from Supreme Court cases involving Bush administration policies, since she has been involved in determining those for the past year as White House counsel. Specter said he is looking for assurances that she would ''not give President Bush any special deference" if she is confirmed to the high court.


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