Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fitzmas Update

From the LATimes:

The CIA leak case continued to build today toward a climactic finish as a grand jury investigating possible wrongdoing by top White House figures met behind closed doors for three hours and the special counsel met privately with the chief judge overseeing the case.

Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald made no announcements about whether he had decided to seek indictments, though speculation was rampant that charges were imminent.

Sources close to the case said they doubted that Fitzgerald would seek to extend the term of the jury, which expires Friday, raising the likelihood of a dramatic denouement soon.

Some lawyers close to the case suggested that Fitzgerald may have already secured at least one indictment but was keeping it under seal until he was ready to announce the results of his 22-month investigation.

One grand juror was overheard telling another juror, "See you Friday," suggesting the possibility that the grand jury would continue to meet up to the last minute.


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