Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Let's Not Lose Sight of the War on Poor People
Republican shenanigans
With all the attention being given to Plamegate and Miers, maybe we should pay a little more to Republican fiscal planning. Harold Meyerson highlights the problems in his WP editorial, "Gunning for the Poor" at the Washington Post
The emerging Republican response to Katrina, apparently, is to comfort the drenched poor and afflict the dry.

For a moment last week, it looked as though the Republicans were going to enact across-the-board spending cuts.

That, however, would have meant less money for defense contractors and the highway industry and other contributors to congressional Republicans' campaigns. GOP committee chairmen made that point so forcefully that the idea was scrapped.
A more humorous take is given in "pinions of buddy don: This Is No Class War" at Buddy Don's Wandering Hillbilly blog:

To tax investment income just creates
A major disincentive to invest –
This honorable principle translates
To rich folks getting richer as they rest!
It's taxing death to tax inheritance
Or so the living heirs loudly complain –
They so deserve their wealth since birthright's chance
Decreed they be bequeathed effortless gain!
In fact the only thing we ought to tax
Is money earned by elbow grease or work –
We can balance our budget on the backs
Of the lowly lucklessly working jerk!
This is no class war – do not think it is –
We must protect what's ours – (not yours or his)


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