Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Does It Really Matter if They are Crooks or Cronies?
Some personal musings

While eating lunch today, my husband and I were discussing how the Plame affair was really a battle over how we got into the Iraq War in the first place. To most of us who are not diehard Republicans, it’s become obvious that the adminisration fed the American public false information in the run up to the war. The only question is whether the deception was intentional or not. My husband asked me if I thought the Bushies had actually believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. I thought it over and still am not sure of the answer. You see, the two possible explanations are either corruption or incompetence. There has been so much of both in this adminisration that it is hard to know which was dominant at any given time. What is certain is that after no weapons could be found, Rove & company actively and knowingly engaged in a campaign of disinformation in order to foster and maintain public support for the war. That campaign has increasingly faltered in the face of facts. Most of the American people can no longer pretend the emperor is finely clothed, and in the end it hardly matters why.


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