Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Emperor Has No Clothes

I have wondered for some time how long it would be before the mainstream media got the courage to admit the obvious. Now that Katrina has caused a BIG hole in the facade, I'm sure the WH wants to call "piling on" (Okay I'm from the South, there will be football references). I hope today's WP indicates a new diligence in vetting nominees and examining corruption. Be sure to check out the stories behind the following three headlines:

"Immigration Nominee's Credentials Questioned"

"Bush Official Arrested in Corruption Probe"

"FDA Rethinks Women's Chief"

I especially like the last, where the Bushies apparently were about to replace whistleblower Susan Wood at the FDA with a man whose field was veterinary science. I'm sure he would be a wonderful guardian for the interests of women in that agency.

Of course, the first headline is remarkable for its ties to the Department of Homeland Insecurity--Julie Myers is married to Chertoff's chief of staff. Ah yes, come to work where everyday is like a family/college reunion.

Come to think of it, the second headline has its own personal charm. Where better to put a crook but in the position of top federal procurement officer.

That's just one old fogey's position.


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