Tuesday, September 20, 2005

While the Mouse is Away
The old fogey perspective

I am the proud mother of Mrs. F and couldn't be more pleased with her spousal choice. I will be a guest blogger until the cracks return to the facade. You can expect a similar slant on the antics of our elected officials but will be disappointed if looking for the Friday Cat Blogs or music recommendations (I have no cat and a hopelessly outdated taste in music). As far as politics are concerned, I perhaps bring a bit more fatalism to the discussion as the result of spending my politically formative years in Alabama and Georgia. It was so exciting to move to North Carolina, where some people I voted for actually got elected. One time in Alabama I was forced to vote for a Prohibition Party candidate so as not to support either of the other blatantly racist candidates. North Carolina. on the other hand, actually produced the only candidate in 2004 to outwardly acknowledge poverty in the United States. I was reminded of this by the following quote from John Edwards' speech in the WP this morning.


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