Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mrs. F's Obama Shirt

In association with Zazzle.comMrs. F got inspired recently to upload a T-shirt design to Zazzle based on the iconographic imagery created by Shepard Fairey earlier this year, and she presented it to me as a Father's Day gift. I dig it a lot in part because of the Fairey image, but also the way that Mrs. F was able to distill it down into a simple woodblock-like image in black against a white shirt (or, in my case, an orange shirt -- Zazzle gives you loads of options, and it's a pretty sweet site).

Initially, she was just going to keep the design private, but I exhorted her to spread it to the masses (with a little help from me). She gets some green back from Zazzle for every shirt purchased, and if you follow this link I'll also get some money via an associates account. Everything that we make (I'm sure it will be a pittance) will be donated to the Obama campaign.

Consider this an open thread till late October... (or until I feel like getting bloggy again)


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