Monday, June 04, 2007

GO-Team, Getting the Buzz

Here's a snippet from John Aravosis' take on the Democratic debate from last night:
Obama. He was good. I thought he was better than last time. He seemed awfully young in the last debate. In this one, I thought he was smart, mature, and very "vice presidential" if not presidential. I'm hearing from more and more people that they'd like to see a Gore-Obama ticket in 2008.

Um, hello. I've been itching for this duet get together since April, 2006. Check out the grassroots organization that's dedicated to bringing these crazy cats together:


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Creighton said...

Aside from the fact that the name GoreObama sounds like a 10 band heavy metal concert tour, I'm all for it. Why do I feel that logic like theirs, vision like theirs, service like theirs wouldn't get elected? Ah yes, because Bush got elected. Bitter? Yes. Ready to get out the vote again? In a heart beat.


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