Friday, May 04, 2007

Permanent Vacation (at Least for Now...)

You may have noticed, well, not much of anything going on here at Cracks in the Facade. That's because I'm in the midst of coping with a collicky baby and figuring out how to balance priorities in life (with Mrs. F and Lil' F being at the top of the list). I'd been thinking that I'd get back to some occasional postings here at Cracks after awhile, but the more I look at my priority and task list, the lower Cracks gets demoted.

So, for an as-yet-to-be-determined time (possibly forever, but hopefully not), Cracks is going on vacation. I'm finding I just don't have the time or focus to put together interesting progressive/climate change news items that aren't just adding noise to the echo chamber. Maybe I'll be back once the race for 2008 really and truly hots up. But I just don't know.

This doesn't mean I'm putting a stop to blogging altogether. I have my gig over at the Amazon Electronics blog (with another Amazon blog destination potentially in the works). And I'm working on a little blog outlet for the little tidbits (music, films, pictures of my kid) that I find need to be blogged. (Speaking of The Kid, I'm also blogging about life with him, but it's a password-protected blog for just friends and family.)

And so, with that, I'll leave you with a photo of me and Lil' F enjoying a recent Chelsea game (yes, that's a little teddy bear with a blue Chelsea jumper):

Watching the Chelsea Game


[UPDATE 01 June] OK, so maybe not so permanent. Things certainly won't be so regular going forward, but I find that I need an outlet now that I've got my feet under me again.

And here's a recent photo of me and the lad:

Agen and Sofian


At 8:31 PM, Blogger kat said...

the electronics blog isn't nearly as fun.


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