Monday, November 06, 2006

Old Fogey's Last Quotes Before the Elections

Short but sweet

I'm too tired and nervous to comment on the quotes below, but be sure to check out the quote if you still want to do more

"We know more about car tires than we know about voting machines." The Rev. DeForest Soaries, the first chairman of the Election Assistance Commission Let the recounts begin

"I can't see Jesus standing with signs at an anti-gay rally. It's hard to picture that."
Adam Hamilton, evangelical pastor in Leawood, Kans., a suburb near the Missouri border
Evangelicals vs. the Religious Right

"It won't be a happy place to work in the next couple of years."
John Podesta, Bill Clinton's chief of staff during the Lewinsky scandal and Clinton's impeachment, referring the the next two years in the White House
Analysis: Election May Bring Bush Worry

"You never want to leave any stone unthrown."
Chuck Stango, Connecticut Republican activist
Campaigns Implore Loyalists to Vote

“I think you’d see a Jim Jones situation — it would be a mass suicide.”
Matt Bennett, a founder of Third Way, a moderate Democratic organization, referring to what it would be like for the Dems not to win the House
For Democrats, Even a Gain May Feel Like a Failure

"This is it." website, recruiting people to call folks who are generally progressive but usually don’t vote in mid-term elections on Monday night and all-day Tuesday (it's not too late to sign up)
Learn More About Call for Change

"It's allowed us to approach religious voters and say that you have permission to vote against this."
Jon Hoadley, campaign manager of South Dakotans Against Discrimination, referring the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church and the South Dakota Diocese of the Episcopal Church speaking out against Amendment C to ban gay marriage and civil unions
The Death of the "Values Voter"


At 12:26 AM, Blogger Vigilante said...

A helpful note to GOP-prone voters:

If you could just get past your Nancy Pelosiphobia for a moment (hopefully before you vote), you might acknowlege that you need Democratic majorities in Congress to help you in restoring Conservativism to the Republican Party? It will take Democrats to root out the "evil-doers" so that it once again becomes a safe haven for Conservatives.

America needs your vote!


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