Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not Ready to Make Nice

Now that we've taken leadership in the House, we need to show the country that Democrats have sensible, adult policy ideas. And while I don't want the next session of the House to become one big oversight investigation, that should be an important component because one of the messages that the early exit poll data was sending was that voters are sick and tired of the Republican ethos of corruption.

But let it be known, I'm not quite ready to make nice...

...and I'm not ready to back down.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger kat said...

I did my normal, compulsive election results watching last night--with a brief hour break for "House" of course--and am quite happy with the results.

Got phone calls from the siblings in the midwest. My sister-in-law in Kansas has made quite the political turnaround and is now probably the most liberal member of the family despite some very strong Republican/conservative roots. She was estactic that the creepy, religious Jim Ryun got beat in KS-02. This defeat was right on the heels of Bush having visited the area to stump for him; an event for which my (detective/sherriff's dept.) brother was called in to work on his day off. What a waste.

It's a shame about Lieberman. Criminy. I didn't really hold out a whole lot of hope for snagging the Senate, too, but I've got great faith that the narrow leads in Montana & Virgina will hold. Am actually quite disappointed that the "Macaca"/Confederate lovin' Allen is even that close but there is no accounting for many pockets of the US population.


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