Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Accountability Moment? That's Just Silly!

From two ThinkProgress posts. First, a reminder of US Dear Leader's statement from 2003:
In May 2003, President Bush said the United States would “not tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea” and “will not settle for anything less than the complete, verifiable, and irreversible elimination of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.”
And from today's press conference with Tony Snow:
Today, a reporter asked if President Bush believes he has made any mistakes with respect to North Korea. White House Press Secretary Tony Snow responded, “Oh, my goodness…it’s a silly question.” Later, he called the question “gratuitious.” Snow explained that “you need to give presidents the benefit of the doubt when national security is involved.
Frankly, Tony kinda sounds like the 4- and 6-year olds that Mrs. F and I stayed with this last weekend...


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