Monday, October 09, 2006

Katherine Harris Heading to Senate... in Bizarro Land

So, I don't know who voted in this "straw poll" that Harris cites on her web site, which finds her leading her incumbent Democratic opposition by 54 to 45% (perhaps some close relatives, not all of whom are greatly impressed). But back in the real world, Harris is definitely getting her teeth kicked in (electorally speaking). Here's a SurveyUSA poll chart from mid-September. I really don't think things have turned around that much in the last three weeks.

Ah, here's some explanation of that straw poll:
The truth is you couldn't vote at Politics in the Park unless you paid $25. The Ledger even ran a picture of Harris helping a six-year-old vote in the straw ballot.
Well, at least she's got the Kindergarten vote.


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