Friday, October 07, 2005

When It Rains It Pours

You gotta feel sorry for Karl Rove... waitasec. No you don't. That guy has a soul that's blacker than pure crude oil--and he's just as slippery. Anyhoo, here's another potential legal problem for Bush's Brain (aka, Turd Blossom); via Salon's War Room:

As we noted last month, a recent story in the Washington Post discussed the tax status of Rove's home in Washington. The story said that Rove owns is registered to vote in Texas -- apparently based on his ownership of a couple of rental cottages there -- despite the fact that he lives in Washington and is building a home for himself in Florida. In the course of the story, Elizabeth Reyes, a lawyer in the Texas secretary of state's office, was quoted saying that a person could be criminally prosecuted for voting in place he doesn't live. When the story came out, Rove put in a phone call to the Texas secretary of state, a man described as a longtime supporter of George W. Bush and a major GOP fundraiser. Shortly thereafter, Reyes was fired.

That might have been the end of things if it weren't for Comfort resident Frances Lovett, who has written a letter to the Kerr County district attorney asking for an investigation into whether Rove has been voting in Texas illegally. There's no word yet on what the district attorney will do, and the White House is insisting that Rove has acted within the dictates of the law -- at least this time.

Still waiting for those indictments in DC... (we'll probably have to wait until early next week).


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