Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kilpatrick on Miers

Conservative columnist James Kilpatrick, in a column carried in my local paper, gives a brief bio of Harriet Miers. It is pretty standard until the last line, which cracked me up.

She was born and reared in Texas. She is a maiden lady, 60. Before joining President Bush as White House counsel in 2003, she had servered creditably as president of the Texas State Bar, managing partner of a well-regarded Texas law firm, and enthusiastic dabbler in bipartisan politics. She contributed long ago to the political campaigns of such leading Democrats as Lloyd Bentsen and Al Gore, but mainly her modest contributions went to such Republicans as Phil Graham and Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She was once quoted in national Review as saying she regarded President Bush as "the most brilliant man she had ever met." Perhaps she has not traveled widely.


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