Monday, October 17, 2005

President's Weekly Radio Address

No, I'm not that much of a glutton for punishment that I tune into President Bush's radio address on Saturdays (actually, I'm not sure who even carries it in full--maybe radio stations in the south, but not up here in the godless heathen area of the Pacific Northwest). But I am a big fan of the parody site,, which houses fake weekly address of some dude doing a fantastic W impression (right down to his odd cadences and stresses). (If you're an iTunes user, you can also subscribe to the podcast.) Topics from the last couple weeks include new polling data on the President's job favorability (based on internal White House polling, he's getting at least 100 percent) and the future of education, focusing on faith-based science (like a burning bush bioweapon to burn terrorists).

Speaking of radio, Facade Friends Ward and Mark Sutton are now featured regularly on the Mother Jones Radio show that appears weekly on Air America Radio. They put together a satirical news segment called "Morey's Minute," and I think it might be airing every other week. (Perhaps we can get an update from one of the Suttons as to how often their shows are appearing and when their previous episodes have aired.) You can hear the first episode (link opens MP3 file) over at Ward's Sutton Impact Studio site and you can listen to the most recent radio show over at Mother Jones in either streaming or downloadable formats. (You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, and get access to all previous shows.)


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