Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ahhhh, Cable TV... I Miss You Sometimes

So, I mentioned that Mrs. F and I gave up our TV, but we've actually been without cable since early summer. We decided to pull the plug after enjoying a TV-less honeymoon in Paris this spring. I should note that it's a "mostly" pulled plug--we still subscribed to what I called "sharecropper cable" from Comcast, which provided us all the local stations plus CSPAN, Home Shopping Network, and Discovery (love that Monster House). Anyhoo, there's very little from cable television that I truly miss (English soccer being top of the list followed by, well, I can't quite remember anything else). But one of the things that I wish I did have more access to are news shows like Keith Olbermann's Countdown program as well as the occasional Aaron Brown and Anderson Cooper (as well as the rare tuning in of Hannity and Tool... sorry, Colmes to get my blood boiling). If you've got MSNBC, it looks like Countdown is going to be a corker tonight; via Crooks and Liars:

OLBERMANN: Last Thursday, we spoke of at least 13 coincidences of timing between bad political news for the government and a terror or terror-related event. We will be presenting a special report detailing those and other coincidences on Wednesday night's edition of this news hour, "The Nexus of Politics and Terror" on COUNTDOWN this Wednesday at 8:00 and midnight Eastern here on MSNBC.

Rather timely with news that last week's NYC subway terror warnings were a hoax.


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