Monday, October 10, 2005

Spin Cycle

Larry Johnson over at Crooks and Liars notes Republican strategist Jack Burkman's recent talking points (which may be repeated by other Republican strategists/operatives/congressfolk in the days to come) and then debunks them:

  1. U.S. prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is an out of control publicity hound. The leak was no big deal, everyone leaks.
  2. U.S. prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has a weak case and has been unable to secure an indictment.
  3. The leak was no big deal, everyone leaks
I know from friends in the media that the previous head of the Republican National Committee, Jim Nicholson, had contacted Fox News and asked them to keep Burkman off the air because he was not an "authorized" representative. So, it is possible that Burkman is free lancing with this nonsense.

Unfortunately for Burkman, his fantasies must confront some cold, hard facts
  1. Far from being a publicity hound, Fitzgerald has kept a tight control of the investigation. Unlike the spectacle surrounding the Ken Starr investigation of President Clinton, Fitzgerald has accomplished a near miracle in Washington. He has kept folks guessing while methodically collecting evidence.
  2. Weak case my ass! Fitzgerald understands that if you are going to take on the King you better have your facts fully documented and substantiated.
  3. The leak of Valerie Plame's name was a big deal because it was an act of treason. Political operatives participated in a coordinated campaign to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson, that hinged in part on attacking his wife, a career, undercover, professional intelligence officer. Although Valerie Wilson Plame had no substantive role in sending her husband to help the CIA investigate claims (which we now know were fabricated by a foreign intelligence service) that Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger, a group of people in the White House made the decision to make her fair game. I pray they live to regret that decision.


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